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Zeriah George Makes School History by Justin Kitcheyan


Winnebago Public School is proud to announce that Zeriah Jorge is the first Female State Wrestling Champion in the State of Nebraska. Her overall record was 11-1 against females. She wrestled in West Point Invite, Friday Night Fracus, and the Lady Indians Invite. She was named the Outstanding Wrestler in her weight class. Coach Tranmer said, “The biggest obstacle she had to overcome was wrestling with boys.. it ain’t easy.” This was the first female State Tournament held in Nebraska. One goal of Coach Tranmer is to expand the popularity of female wrestling in the State of Nebraska. He is leading a committee to add female wrestling to the list of Nebraska School Activity Association’s (NSAA) sanctioned activities. Her parents held a dinner for her big achievement and an amazing victory last week. She joins a growing list of Winnebago female athletes who made Nebraska history. In 1986,  the late Saralee “Cupcake” (Huffman)Suarez, petitioned the NSAA to allow females to play football. She won and became the first female football player in the state. Zeriah also plays football. We’re so proud of Zeriah. We are grateful to athletes like Z and Cupcake who paved the way for female athletes everywhere.