WPS Robotics on the Move


    The 2018-2019 Winnebago Robotics Program is learning valuable skills and life lessons while having a good time doing it.  “It is a cool experience” comments one of the many hard working individuals that participate in the Winnebago Robotics Program. The robotics program has three primary goals: to help students focus on teamwork, commit to the task, and think outside of the box (problem solve). This year’s team is comprised of eight smart, capable students who are more than determined to try their best to be the best. The students have worked hard all year long, working together to get the job done and face the next big challenge that awaits, whatever it may be.

    On February 9th, the team and their teachers traveled to Columbus, Nebraska, for the state championship robotics meet. The Bago Bots were randomly paired with several of the other 12 teams present for the competition. After the initial 20 rounds, the team placed 6th out of 13. The students are most proud of their Collins Aerospace Innovate Award, which they received for their unique claw design. Mr. Brown and Ms. Loutsch are very proud of all of the hard work the team has put in over the last few months.

    Currently, the team is tinkering, working on what they could improve for next year. The teams of students are working on four different designs.  One is focusing on a crane, the second a dump truck, the third a catapult and the final group is building a ball return. An activity log is also required to document their ideas.

    When the students were interviewed for this article, they had a lot to say.  According to Marissa, “It was a cool experience.” Kiana said, “It has taught me how to build, well, I don’t know about build, but problem solving and working as a team to get through it together.” Victoria added, “stressful, but fun,” and Gitana said, “A lot of work, but worth it.”  It seems like this experience is a challenge and teaches valuable lessons and, most of all, is fun. Congratulations to the students and staff involved.