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Winnebago Academy’s First Graduating Class Leaves for College


On Tues. August 20, the students and family of the first graduating class from the Winnebago Academy gathered together to celebrate the students as they leave for the next chapter of their education. These students are all members of the Nebraska College Preparatory Academy and have received full-ride scholarships to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).  Many of the students are moving to Lincoln over the next three days to attend UNL and will major in several different areas including Engineering, Biology, Criminology, Textile Marketing, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Psychology, and Forensic Science. One student chose to follow her passion and talent for working on vehicles and will be beginning classes at Western Iowa Tech in Sioux City to become an auto mechanic.

Photo Credit: Dana Zagurski


As Academy staff, we are all extremely proud of these students! They have been willing to work with us and roll with new policies and policy changes as we work to build the Academy program. They are students that we feel younger students can look up to. They have demonstrated excellence in education, hard work, community service, and self-advocacy. These are all skills that will help to make them successful as they continue their education and begin their chosen careers. We look forward to seeing all of the amazing things that they accomplish in the coming years!