Home Opinion What’s Up with KFC? by Savannah Fierro

What’s Up with KFC? by Savannah Fierro


On September 30th, 2019 a local Sioux City woman went to order some food when she noticed that the KFC restaurant had been closed.  She was concerned about why it was closed and had some questions to ask. She got ahold of another KFC restaurant and had realized it had been closed too.  She tried to get a hold of many other local restaurants and ask them why it had been closed but they had no answers for her. She then finally tried to reach the KFC Corporations but had no luck getting through to them.  

People have questioned why it’s still closed but had no luck getting any responses back.  Was it the food they were serving? What is a health inspection gone wrong? Or were there too many complaints about the food?  The world may never know. In the meantime, I guess we go to Popeyes for our chicken fix.