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Vaccine Update by Isaiah Armell


WHO (World Health Organization)  plans backup COVID vaccines in case of emergencies. 

 The WHO listed two new vaccines for emergencies and gave them the green light to globally provide the vaccine. WHO’s use listing (EUL) assesses how safe and efficient the vaccines will be, allowing countries to make their own regularly tested vaccines and vaccinate people quickly. The WHO (EUL) process can be done promptly with enough information sent by the developers at a reasonable time. WHO can soon get its evaluation team and regulators to thoroughly test the vaccine.  The EUL process makes sure that vaccines are safe for the general public and take various trials to adequately assessed usable. Its objective is to make sure they are available as quickly as possible to make up for emergencies, all while ensuring they are appropriately tested and quality assured. The company producing the vaccine must continue to give WHO accurate data and pass pre-qualifications set by WHO. For the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccines, WHO correctly assessed the vaccines’ quality, safety, and efficacy; this process took four weeks. Reviewed on February 8th, SAGE gave them the recommendation to use the vaccines for 18 and older. The vaccine known as ChAdOx1-S is being produced at several different manufacturing sites and has a 63% efficiency, mainly given to low-income countries. Another vaccine by Pfizer/BioNTech was listed for emergency use last December. Although the vaccine must be kept at temperatures at -60° to -90°, making it harder for countries without the technology to support the vaccine able to secure the vaccine, WHO is working to help these countries with this problem better. The Winnebago Public Health Department hosts weekly vaccination clinics at the public school. According to their website, “As of December 16th, 2020: WCHS has received an initial limited supply of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. In accordance with the CDC’s distribution plan, the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed in three phases.  The first phase of distribution is reserved for front-line healthcare workers. As supplies increase, vaccines will be made available for other essential workers, high-risk individuals, and finally the general population.  More information will be released soon regarding the remaining phases of distribution. Please visit our Facebook pages and this website for more information.” 


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