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UNL hosts Junior/Senior Shadow Day for WPS Academy Students


For most kids at Winnebago Public, Monday the 18th was a day off from school, giving them a nice three day weekend. Although, for the Junior and Senior Academy classes, this day was seen as the long awaited “Junior/Senior Shadow Day”. This event was organized by the NCPA (Nebraska College Preparatory Academy) and allows Juniors from different NCPA affiliated high schools to get first hand experience in class and on campus at UNL (University of Nebraska Lincoln). Originally, it was just the Junior Shadow day, but because the weather didn’t allow the previous Junior class to attend last year, they were added.
They departed in two vans at 6:30 a.m. in order to make it to Lincoln in time for the welcoming event before the day started. They arrived in time for the scheduled 9:50 welcoming in the Nebraska Student Union. Radell Nared gave a brief preview of the day and then introduced the volunteers college students who the high schoolers would follow.
A few months previous to this, the students were asked what career path they wanted to follow or what they wanted to major in. The NCPA then tried their hardest to determine the best classes for each student to attend and ended up with decent outcome.
Some students would attend one 1 hour to 1 and a half hour class, like an Economy or Business class, while others might attend two or three shorter classes, like Biology or Psychology. Sam Farmer, who attended a psychology said, “The (student) I followed was really helpful when I asked questions, and the answers he provided were pretty insightful. He gave me a really good view of what college will be like, what I will have to prepare for and some other useful tips that were more just for living on the UNL campus.”
So the students went to their classes with their college student and then got a little tour afterwords. Another student, Jamisen WolfLeader, said, “I really liked the tour of the business building. He showed us different departments where we could get help, ‘secret’ places to study, and this other place where you can actually give a speech to a live audience and get feedback. All in all, the trip was pretty fun and I found it very useful”.
After the classes and tours, the students had lunch in the Selleck Dining Hall, then proceeded back to the Student Union to have a panel discussion with the college students who were NCPA scholars and some others who were from the areas of the high schools attending. They gave great advice to the students about adjusting to life on campus, getting help in a multitude of situations, and getting into the social life on campus. After that, they had another discussion based specifically on how to get involved with organizations when you come to campus.
Marcus Walker found the most valuable piece of information to be when someone said, “As a freshman, you get free meals at the dining halls. So you could have 6 huge meals every day for the whole first year… but maybe you shouldn’t,” during the panel discussion.
A majority of the Senior class felt they were now a little more prepared to depart for college in the fall, and the Juniors seemed to be more prepared as well. So, the classes thanked the college students, hopped in their vans and began their journey home to continue their preparations for when they return as college students themselves.