Toby J. Bassette in The Wizard of Oz


    “There’s no place like home”. We all know that The Wizard of Oz is a classic movie. Sioux City put on a play of this particular movie. This gave kids a chance to show off their acting skills and a chance to try out for a part. A student from Winnebago who has been a part of the one act has tried out for The Wizard of Oz, his name is Toby J. Bassette.
    The one act coaches took us, who are participating in the one act, to go see Toby in the play. We were all shocked when we found out that he got the leading part which was the wizard. It’s very rare that someone who goes out for a play like that gets a leading part. I believe that us all going up was also another chance for us to bond and get along together. We all enjoyed the play, even Toby himself. We went to go see Toby afterwards, we all congratulated him. As a group, we were all proud and happy.
    All of the people who were in this play did an amazing job. They  brought out my interest in being an actor even more. Toby made a very excellent wizard. He loves acting, all of us were proud of him. Now, he’s trying out for the play Frozen, he’s hoping to go for Christoph or Hans.