The Village 2.0


    Late last month, Ho-Chunk Inc., the Winnebago Tribe’s economic development corporation, announced their plan for a new housing expansion in the northeast section of Winnebago, naming the project the “Village 2.0”.
    According to the Ho-Chunk Inc. president and CEO, Lance Morgan, this project will be much like the previous one, yet even more ambitious. Infrastructure construction for the project will begin this summer and after three-phases, the expansion should be completed.
    In the past two decades on the Winnebago Reservation, the number of employed citizens has grown by 18% and the median household income on the reservation increased 83%. While this growth is good, it has created tension due to the lack of quality housing. This project is aimed at easing this problem, along with a home buyer assistance program that provides up to $65,000 in down payment assistance to individual tribal home buyers.
    The time of the end of the project is undetermined, but by then, they will have built 281 new houses across 140 acres, right next to the previous “Village”.