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The Nicest Guy In Rock & Roll


If you were to go on Google and search “nicest dude in rock”, or anything else along those lines, 12 times out of 10, you’re going to end up looking at a shot of Dave Grohl smiling away. In the words of the late Kurt Cobain, “He’s the most well-adjusted boy I’ve ever met. He’s totally easy to get along with, everyone loves him, and he plays better than any drummer I’ve ever heard.” He may curse like a sailor, but what’s wrong with throwing a little spice into conversations. Cursing is just another way of expressing emotion. But I digress.

Dave has been rockin’ the world with his drumming since the 80’s and, since then, has grown his musical styles and instrumental capabilities very much. Also, as every other human being does, he’s learned a lot about what it means to follow your dreams and be a good person while doing it. He seems to make being a good person so easy, along with many other things. But his cheerful, bombastic personality and ability to make you feel like your the only person that matters isn’t the only thing that makes him so nice. On Dave’s multiple-decade long “Good Guy Grohl” crusade, he has donated nearly a billion dollars to charities, stepped in for musicians who couldn’t make a gig, performed live in fans garages and pulled dozens of people live on stage to perform with his band, Foo Fighters. He even finished performing a live show where he fell off the stage and broke his leg. The list goes on and on, so if I haven’t convinced you enough, you could probably look online and find plenty of other examples of Dave Grohl being the nicest person in rock and roll… among the other videos of him being the greatest drummer in the world.

Dave’s influence and fans seem to have no real demographic and that’s likely because he doesn’t write a specific type of music or fit into a specific group of people. He’s just being himself, writing music for anybody and everybody who relates or likes the sounds he creates. That’s why Dave Grohl is the nicest rock and roll artist to walk the Earth.