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The garage


The garage, many great inventions and businesses come from the garage. Did you know that Apple, Google, Amazon, Harley and Disney were all started in house garages? Yes, they were all small businesses started in small home garages. Garages can be used for many different things, not just starting billion dollar companies, although it would be nice. The garage can be used for storage, ya know like storing your car or a bunch of junk you don’t feel like sorting through so you just throw it somewhere and forget about it for a couple months. You can also turn you garage into a comfy man cave, a lady cave, sports bar and grill, a nail salon or a coffee shop. A lot of people use their garages for hobbies or big projects, it’s pretty nice to have a big project and only push a button to open a giant door instead of squeezing something through a front door.  When I get my house in the future, it’s going to be equipped with an amazing garage.