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The Dangers of Vaping by Matthew McDonald


Vaping has become popular with teenagers in recent years. They are attracted to it because it’s “safer” than smoking and comes in different flavors. Vaping was once known as a harmless way to defend against the addiction of nicotine. In recent events/studies, it has been concluded that vaping isn’t as harmless as we thought. Although it isn’t truly determined what the long term effects are, vaping can produce second-hand effects. Even though vaping does not produce smoke, the vapors it emits are mainly potentially harmful chemicals, including lead, aldehyde, nickel, chromium, cadmium, tin, aluminum, which can lead to both lung sinonasal cancer and oral cancer. it also has flavoring that contains diacetyl and many other different chemicals which have been linked to lung disease, also flavoring has been suggested to damage blood vessels even without nicotine, the heart, and are potentially toxic to the reproductive tract. Vaping is an epidemic hospitalizing 14 in 2 states severely damaging the lungs. I myself was a frequent user of vaping but after my experiences and the creation of this paper don’t recommend vaping. Vaping may aid people trying to quit smoking but boosts the risk of relapse. 

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