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The Corrosion of Guitar Hero by Cota Springer


It would seem that the brand “Guitar Hero” is officially dead. Activision is the company responsible for the master pieces Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, and Guitar Hero Metallica. In the summer of 2018, I got a notification from my copy of the game saying that on the first of December of that year the TV function would be shutting it’s servers down, so how did this happen?

First, we have to touch note on how powerful the brand Guitar Hero was. The first game to be released in the franchise was Guitar Hero which was released in 2005 and had great ratings. A year later Guitar Hero 2 dropped and got OK ratings and another year later Activision would release a series of spin off titles starting off with “Guitar Hero Rock the 80’s” and after “Rock the 80’s,”  the “god” of a game will be released. “Guitar Hero 3” is a game that would make “Guitar Hero” brand popular and would affect the power of the title and generate tons of revenue. 

After the success of the previous game, Activision really got going with the spin-offs. “Guitar Hero Aerosmith” was just a copy of “3” but with Aerosmith songs.  The year after will be the release of “World Tour”, again another copy but with some additional songs and online features. To end the year off, it will release   a DS version of “World Tour Decades: 2009 to 2010.” This signals the final years of the brand, by releasing their most unpopular games such as “DJ Hero,” “Band Hero”, “On Tour Modern Hits”,” Guitar Hero Smash Hits”, and “DJ Hero 2”. It is clear to most that Activision has lost all motivation to perfect another “Hero” game, until FreeStyleGames a studio that was bought by Activision in 2008 (and the people responsible for the DJ Hero games) would pitch an idea for a new guitar hero game and succeeded. In 2015, a new “Guitar Hero” game had been announced along with a trailer for “Guitar Hero Live” a new branch in the series and to be released along all consoles at the time.

Guitar Hero Live had a very hard and rough start selling 200k copies in the first week, mostly due to the lack of enticement to the music song genre. One very important reason why the game was evolving slow, because of Guitar Hero TV which is a side function in the game where you can stream tracks…for money.Now the songs themselves weren’t a whole lot of about a 99 cents per song, also in GHTV(Guitar Hero Live TV) people can play each other in the “Songs Streaming Now” which are free songs that are being streamed at the moment. That means that songs are only free at certain points and each week they would make 3 songs out free for 2 days. Another thing about GHTV was when it first came out it barely had any good songs on it, it took about 2 years for them to put all 500 songs on there and even then there was one major drawback of GHTV, pay to play. In GHTV there were points that you would get when completing a song with a good score and long combos you will be rewarded with more points, and those points are used to buy plays, and plays are what are needed to play songs. GHTV had a level system with it including an arena, private matches, and unlockable power up’s and level max was 20.One last thing about GHTV had a nice feature and that was to customize your guitar’s neck and frets, as well has change your player card (I had the expensive shit) and ranks with how well skilled players were.

Now, after 3 years of life Guitar Hero Live would announce it’s death mid summer of 2018 planning on ending its services on the first of December on that same year. I have had tons of fun playing with me and my friends and even got into some new music because of it, but all good things come to an end. I didn’t get the game until it’s second year and even then I got the party edition that came with free points. All I have to say is that it was a good game to me at least.