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The Brashy Bunch September Edition


By Mrs. Brasch

It’s been another busy few weeks in language arts. Our 6th -hour journalism class continues to write articles for our online publication. Each week new articles are posted on our school website.  In 2nd-hour drama, we continue to study the “Very Least You Should Know About Drama.” To date, we’ve covered play structure, conflict, character, plot, dialogue, comedy, tragedy, and tips for critiquing a play- just to name of few. We will be wrapping this curriculum up in a few weeks and then will focus on helping to produce the one-act play. The dual credit Composition I class has finished their narrative essays and have begun comparison/contrast writing. Finally, in English II, we have been working on nonfiction reading/writing. Students have been reading and responding to passages on a new online educational resource called “Common Lit.” They have begun a biography project as well.  And just like that, we’re done with five weeks of school. Time sure flies. Please feel free to email me at sbrasch@winnebagok12.org with questions regarding your child or anything that’s going on in the classroom.