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The “Brashy” Bunch November Edition


Another month has quickly passed and we’re still busy plugging away in English class. The Journalism Staff continued to publish stories on the school web site. Make sure you check them out. They’re scattered everywhere. The Drama class is currently learning about “the bard” the one and the only William Shakespeare. We watched a production of Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet and are currently working on Shakespeare monologues that will be presented to the class. We also spent a couple of weeks working on set construction for the one-act play that will be performed in November. English II just began reading the novel Yellow Raft in Blue Water by Native author Michael Dorris.  They really seem to be enjoying it. The college Composition I class worked on the 7 Common Application Essay Questions. These are the top 7 questions asked on college and scholarship application essays. Now, when it comes time to actually apply for these, they will have something started and it will just be a matter of some creative “tweaking,” and their essays will be done. I am told by members of the class of 2018, that this was very useful last year (even though they grumbled the entire time we were doing them). In other news, the one-act play, “The Haunted Carousel,” will be opening soon. I hope you can join us on November 14 for a community performance at 5:30.