The Benefits of Music by Ivan Redhorn


    Music is something that was always important to me. When I listen to music, I always listen to the lyrics first then I pay close attention to all the sounds and little things that you can’t really point out when listening to the song. I really enjoy the artists I listen to because they put a lot into their soundtracks, lyrics and how they have the mindset of simply wanting to make music for themselves and that’s the only thing they want. They really don’t shoot for fame or they don’t try any harder than posting a song to their personal account. I feel like a lot of music writers and producers try to do the most to get seen. Then there are these other artists that put their all into one song because that’s what they enjoy doing. Just like a hobby and their not rushing to get famous. I really like listening to music overall and like to listen for everything in the song. 

    According to Honor Whiteman in an article in Medical News Today, music can benefit health. It can help when someone is depressed.  Music increases the amount of dopamine produced in the brain which helps with your moods and can change your mood into a good one. Music can replace treatment strategies for some conditions. Music is helpful almost always and can help lots of people with problems of all kinds. 


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