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Thank You!


The students and staff of the Winnebago Public Schools Academy are overwhelmed by the generous outpouring of kindness shown to us during our traditional corn harvest project. Simply saying “Pinagigi” -Thank you” does not begin to reflect how deeply each of us has been touched by the generosity of both strangers and friends.

A special thank you to Emmy Scott for setting up the GoFundMe account on our behalf, to Greg Jump who donated his own acre of traditional Indian corn for us to harvest, to Sarah Snake who ensures that we continue to learn our traditional ways of harvesting corn, to Aaron LaPointe of HoChunk Farms, Inc. for planting and caring for the fields, to St. Augustine Indian Mission for donating the original field the past couple of years for our project and to everyone who has donated either through the GoFundMe account or privately.

The corn project is one of the many fundraising projects the Academy students complete each year to raise money for college scholarships and field trips to enrich our educational experience. We are truly grateful that so many people recognize the importance of preserving our cultural ways as we prepare for our futures.