Tatanka Means Visits Winnebago Public Schools


    On Wednesday, September 26, Winnebago Public School was visited by the comedian/actor/motivational speaker, Tatanka Means. Tatanka is of Oglala Lakota, Omaha and Dine descent. He is from Chinle, Arizona and has achieved many things in his life. Most notable of which are the accolades he has received as a comedian, boxer, entrepreneur, activist and professional actor. He is most well known for his roles in A Million Ways to Die in the West, Saints and Strangers and Tiger Eyes.

    He came to Winnebago a performed in front of the high school in the fine arts theater. He shared jokes, told stories and pushed forward a drug free and determined lifestyle for all members of the Winnebago community. Lots of laughter was shared and many good words were said, many of which will likely stick with some of the students for their whole lives.