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Students Corn is Destroyed


On Thursday,  August 22, 2019, a terrible thing happened. A field of Indian corn, located across the street from the school was completely destroyed. The corn was intended to be harvested by the Winnebago Public School Academy students, and they would sell the corn to raise money for scholarships for those students. We are unsure why the field was destroyed by a local farmer. Many think it was an accident caused by miscommunication. 

After all, this happened, people started generously doing their part in trying to help. Greg Jump donated his field of corn to the students. Emmy Scott started a “gofundme” page to raise money for the corn that they lost. There was an initial goal of $13,000 which was met in just 3 days! She has set a new goal of $25,000 and now has $17,710. 

Sarah LaPoite-Snake is a member of the Snake clan who has lived in Winnebago all her life and is part of the Saint Augustine’s Kateri Circle who started the cornfield for the academy. She also feels that we need to keep our culture and ceremonies, that’s why this event is very important to her. We caught up with her to get her thoughts on the incident. 

She said, “I felt confused because I wondered who would do such a thing. “ 

She said she felt the impact greatly when she heard about the incident. 

“Because I was involved with this project from the beginning of last year. It was my suggestion to teach students from beginning to end,” she said

When asked if she thought the person who did this deserves consequences, she said, “Yes.” She also felt hopeful because of the huge outpouring of support. “I think that the action of Emmy Scott setting up the GoFundMe account and Greg jump donating his field of Indian corn was truly heartfelt and a compassionate act of love and kindness.”

In the end, the students have more than reached their goal for their money for scholarships they usually make $4,000. They have more tripled the amount that they make. A negative event was made into a positive one because of the people who helped and did their part for the students.