Student Spotlight – Johnathan Zamudio


    This week’s student spotlight article is on Johnathan Zamudio, (Johnny). If you haven’t read one of these student spotlight articles, it basically going to be telling your some info about this student with some fun facts. Johnny is another fellow senior who will be graduating with the class of 2019. Mr Zamudio plans on joining the National Guard after he graduates and after doing his basic training he plans on going back to get his education.

    Okay, now here are some facts you may not have known about Johnny. He likes to play video games or hang out with his friends on his spare time. He mostly likes to hang out with his friends because they are cool. Mr. Zamudio’s favorite sport is baseball. He  says that, “It sucks because the high school doesn’t have a program for that.” Johnny’s favorite artist/musician is Logic, “He is very influential and he is a really good rapper.” He only has 1 sibling who is in the 8th grade and also attends the same school. Johnny really likes Mexican food, anything that would involve enchiladas, tamales, tacos, and the rest of the Mexican food family. To be honest those are the only Mexican foods that we could think of at the moment. Johnny’s most challenging thing about high school is keeping his grades up. He says that, “High school has been a very bumpy ride so far”, and that he is glad he gets to graduate with his friends this upcoming spring. Mr. Zamudio’s favorite movie of all time will always be Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny is also part of two tribes, the Winnebago Ho-chunk tribe of Nebraska and the Kickapoo tribe of Oklahoma. These are just some of the facts that you have just found out about Johnny. I hope you have enjoyed reading the student spotlight this week.