Spring Musical has Been Chosen by Delilah Flanders


    The performing arts department at Winnebago Public School has chosen the play Singin’ in the Rain as their upcoming musical to be performed on March 24 and 26 of 2020.  The play was chosen by lead director Diana Sprik due to it being an iconic musical filled with great music and fun! It’s based in the 1920s when silent films had just started being filmed. The story is about transitioning from silent films to films with audio and the problems that were brought along with it. 

    The play was not only chosen for its creativity but was also chosen for the actors to have fun. There are also several roles for people that are non-singers but still want to be involved in the play. There are several things you can help with besides being in the play like sound, lighting, painting sets, and designing sets digitally. Usually, students that are involved in the play are the most common to be involved in the next play due to all the fun they had in the making of the first. Mrs. Brasch, who has been Miss Spirk’s assistant for the past several years says, “Being in musicals in high school was so much fun. Some of the best memories of my high school years were from when I was in a musical.” 

    Those that are wanting an audition for a solo singing part have to perform one of the songs provided by the play. Practice workshops for singers will be held on November 19th  and 26th, and December 5th and the 9th. For those that are wanting to know more information about your character, there will be cast listings in Ms. Sprirk’s office! Auditions will be held on December 12th and 13th  from 3:30 to 4:30. Callbacks for the cast will be on the 15th of December at the same time. The cast will be announced before Christmas break and rehearsals will start soon after the new year begins. Performances will be held on March twenty-fourth and twenty-sixth, for any other additional information contact Ms. Spirk!