Speech Team Season Begins


    Ms. Brash’s Speech team has started their meets against other teams from other schools. They’ve competed in 2 meets so far and have 4 more to go.

    There are currently 20 students on the speech team and 3 of the students have earned medals.  In the meet held recently at WPS,  Toby Basset won first place in poetry which is an amazing accomplishment.

    Ms. Brash said, “Everyone should try out speech at least once in their high school years.” Johnathan Z. also added, “Take it from me, Speech is a great opportunity. It’s opened me up to many things and made me a less timid person overall. If you’re looking for a reason to better your social skills, go try out for Speech. If you’re looking for delicious and free food, go out for speech. Most importantly, try out speech for the thrilling and exciting meets.”

    We wish the best of luck to the Speech Team this spring.