So What’s Springing Up at Alternative Education? By Denise Ster

    For  the  last  month  and  a  half  the  students  have  been  busy  planting  seeds.  We  are  excited  to  inform  all  of you who  are  planning  a  garden  we  will  be  selling  these  plants  soon.  We  will  be  offering  the  following  plants.  Tomatoes,  Peppers,  Cucumbers,  Egg Plant,  and  Brussels  Sprouts.  We  are  asking  1$ a plant.  We have a few varieties to choose  from.
         Tomatoes:  Cherry,  Beefsteak,  Brandywine Reds and Pinks,  Super Beefsteak  Roma,  Big White Stripe,  Big Orange Stripe,  Green  Doctors.
     Peppers:  Jalapeno Grande,  Bell,  Hungarian Wax,  Anaheim,  Thai  Yellow  Chili,  Golden  Cali  Wonders,  Ozark  Giants,  Cucumbers are pickling types.
    Stay tuned for a message announcing our plant sale and thank you for your support.