Sioux City Sweat Lodge


    Sioux City, located 25 miles north of a group of reservations, is now building a sweat lodge in War Eagle Park. After a couple years of planning, the Winnebago and Omaha tribes of Nebraska and Jackson Recovery Center have collaborated to create this ceremonial structure.

    Located just between the War Eagle Monument entrance and Jackson Recovery Center, tucked behind some trees on West 4th Street, the Sweat Lodge will provide an place for restoration and healing for all. “Healing begins when those who are disinfected begin to act. And that’s what you see here begin today,” said Frank LaMere. LaMere also said that with the scores of drug abuse and addiction, this is what the community needs; a sweat lodge to help detox and purify.

    Hopefully, this will become a great place for people searching to heal themselves. There is no specific date for the lodge’s opening, but at least it is getting done.