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Class of 2020 – Senior Spotlights


Orion James Cox is the son of Leland Cox and Colleen Bird.  While in high school, Orion participated in speech, one-act, band, and quiz bowl.  His favorite school lunches are popcorn chicken and brunch and his favorite teacher is Mr. Stoner. “First off he has my favorite male name in the world (I will be giving my first born son the same name). He has been a pretty great inspiration throughout the past few years. He really connects with his students and tries to help them any way he can. He’s also a pretty great story teller.” Orion’s most memorable moment in high school was when he opened up Mr. Brown’s “stool” sample toy during Biology class, thinking it was going to be an animal dropping. It turned out to be a tiny 3-legged wooden stool! Orion is unsure what he will do following graduation. He may attend UNO and study Music or Music Education, he may join the National Guard, or he may just join the workforce.Orion want to share this advice with underclassmen, “Work hard, go out for every sport and activity you can, make your high school years as fun as you can make them. Don’t regret not trying new things out and participating in fun events because these years go by really fast.”