Senior Spotlight: Robbie Lovejoy by Phoebe Blackbird


    Robbie Lovejoy, a 17-year-old senior at Winnebago public schools. Robbie is a bright and humorous young fellow, half Omaha and half ho-chunk. Among the Omaha Tribe, his Indian name is Te’zhinga which means “little buffalo”, but he lives and grew up in the Winnebago tribe of Nebraska. Recently, Robbie was crowned Homecoming 2019 Prince. 

    This year, finally, his last year of high school. Robbie says “I feel that this year is going great” and that it’ll eventually fly by, but until then he’ll continue to enjoy the rest of his senior year and will maintain good grades. 

    The main thing Robbie looks forward to in school is football, a passion he has, although he also participates in wrestling, football is his main focus. Mr. Lovejoy is the varsity team captain. His positions in the game are line-backer and ace back. With a passion like this, in the future, he will play football for four years at Wayne State College. While he is fulfilling his dream at Wayne state, he will study Mechanical Engineering. An inspiring quote Robbie has lived up to that helped him today is; ¨Be the change that you wish to see in the world” by that he says just be a good person and everything will work out fine.

    In the end, in his far future, his main dream and goal is to play professional football and until then he will continue to work hard and remain focus on school and football.