Senior Spotlight: Kye Thomas


    Kye Francis Thomas is the son of Tracy Thomas.  While in high school Kye has participated in football, wrestling, choir, and the school musical.  If Kye could have any superpower he said he would have the ability to fly.  Kye’s favorite quote is “one day your life will flash- make something worth watching” by Gerard Way.  His favorite lunch at school is the Chinese.  Mrs. Burgett and Mrs. Eberly are his favorite teachers at WPS.  Kye’s most memorable moment in high school was winning at LNI.  Kye plans to study culinary arts after high school.  He plans on going to WITCC if he decides to go to college. Kye’s advice to the underclassmen is “don’t be lazy and get your stuff done”.  Good luck in the future, Kye.