Senior Spotlight: Hayden Parker by Bryson Miller


    Senior Hayden Parker is the daughter of Jennifer Parker and David Parker. All throughout her high school year, she has participated in the sports Volleyball, Cheerleading, and FCCLA. When asked, “If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?” She chose “To be able to read minds”. She didn’t have a favorite inspirational quote but when asked about her favorite food to eat at lunch she said “Biscuits and gravy!”. While attending Winnebago Public Highschool, her favorite teacher was Mr.Bosch and Mrs. Mayo because “they’re both cool”. Her most memorable moment in high school was junior year homecoming week. “What are your plans after graduation?” and she replied, “To hangout with friends all summer and make it a memorable one since it’s our last summer together”. When she was asked where she wanted to go to college and what she plans on studying there she said, “ UNO and I am majoring in  early childhood education”. Her advice to underclassmen at Winnebago public school is, “Don’t fall behind on work! It makes school much easier”.