Senior Spotlight: Elizah Masquat by Anthony Masquat


    Elizah Masquat is the daughter of George Masquat. Elizah participated in basketball, one-act, and she was also on the student council. Her favorite school lunch was chili over Fritos. Her most memorable moment in high school was Freshman homecoming and homecoming week. If she could have any superpower, she would pick telekinesis. Elizah’s favorite teacher was Mrs. Eberly and Ms. Palmer. They were both willing to listen if she ever needed to talk to someone and if she needed advice. Elizah plans on going to college after school. She plans on going to a fine arts college and studying photography. Elizah’s advice for the underclassmen at WPS “Do the best you can, it’s not always going to be easy.“ We wish you all the best, Elizah!