Senior Spotlight: Antonio Robles by Morgan Earth


    Antonio Robles is the son of Felicia Masquat , and she raised a very impressive son indeed. Wrestling, playing football, being in the one-act, choir, band, student council, and the school musical, Antonio has done a lot throughout his high school years. He plans to continue his education at WIT and wants to join the U.S military if possible. He doesn’t have a favorite teacher. He says it’s too hard to pick between the ones that helped him get where he is now. Just know they all hold a special place in his heart and he appreciates everything they did for him.  His favorite high school memories are when he was wrestling for placement and went all the way to state.  For every new student coming into high school and all the students going up a grade he wants you to keep up with your work and to make sure you stay caught up because it is super easy to fall behind without a single day of work. We wish you all the best in the future, Antonio.