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Senior Highlights – Jarrett Tyndall


Dreams and ambitions, two thoughts that the seniors should have already have checked and are willing to pursue. From what I know, almost all of the seniors have a dream, whether that be a silly dream, or a realistic dream, either way a dream is a dream, and it is up to them whether they are going to pursue it, and it is up to us to support and respect their dreams. So, why don’t we get into it already and profile some of our outstanding students here at Winnebago High School.

Starting us off with our first student, he has reddish hair and wears glasses. He is usually seen wearing a wooden ring or a necklace of eagle claws. Have any idea who this mystery man is? Well I doubt it took you more than a second to guess so I’ll go ahead and spill the beans! Yup! You’ve guessed it, it is none other than Jarrett Tyndall. Here are a few of the interesting things about Jarrett: This individual is a pretty cool dude. If you have been paying attention and keeping a close eye on his hands or his fingers so to say, you will notice either a wooden ring or a new ring that he has just made out of steel, yeah I said it, steel. After he graduates from high school he wants to pursue his career in engineering and jewelry. Honesty, if you haven’t seen some of his work I think you should get a quick glimpse on some of his projects before you decide propose to that special someone. Another part of his jewelry career is going to a collage in new mexico, IAIA. He is planning on getting his associates degree in jewelry design and he wants to start his own company that is based on Native American jewelry. 

Now that I have given you a small insight on his plans, let me give you a few small more details about this jolly red headed Native man. Here’s a tip, if you want to impress this man with a steak dinner, just know that he likes his medium rare. Also, don’t forget to throw a small melody of Five Finger Death Punch to soften the mood. Wink Wink. Now lets say you’re not going out for dinner but a movie instead? Hacksaw Ridge better be your first go to. Want to get him a gift you say? Well search no more! Get him anything as long as it’s dark forest green.

Now the quote this fella lives by is: “Don’t forget to have a laugh once in a while,” which is a really good quote to live by. I dunno about you but I think that is a great quote to just get you through the day. I know there is not a day that goes by when I don’t have a good laugh. Now, for his favorite, inspirational person: He paints, he served in the military and was a drill sergeant that screamed in soldiers faces. But he gave all that up with a vow to never raise his voice again. You may have seen him on the PBS channel, he puts the Ross in Rick Ross, his hair is an absolute small happy little bush, give it up for Bob Ross! Now Jarrett looks up to Bob for a few reasons but I think I’m just going to keep it simple and give you one reason. Okay? Okay! Now to Jarrett, Bob has taught him that you do not have to be afraid to make mistakes, but to embrace them. What a beautiful lesson, don’t ya think?

Anyway that has been this weeks senior highlight with Deshawn Kitcheyan. I hope to see you all in my next article, keep an eye out and make sure to just read a sentence, even if it kills ya. You never know, it might just make your day.