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Senior Highlights – Joe DeCora


Again here we are! Hello, it’s nice to see you all again even though I can’t see you, or can I? No, no I can’t. Alright! Aside from all that crap that I just wrote we are going to go ahead and get into our next student. You would know about this article if you read the one before this, which hopefully you did. If you didn’t, well, you just broke my heart. Ha! Just kidding you! Alright let’s get into this.

He’s mean, he’s not green! You could see this man walking down the halls of the school to get to his classes, he puts the Joe in Sloppy Joe’s, he puts the Joe in Joe dirt, He puts the Joe in Joe mama! He pretty much just puts the Joe in whatever saying or name has Joe in it. Give it up for Joe Decora! As I have once before, I will be listing information about this student, what he enjoys, what is he going to do after school, ya know the same old same old.

So we all know Joe, well a majority of us do. Y’know he is just a simple dude, an average Joe so to say. Ha see what I did there? No? Well anyway, this dude really is a true Indian, due to his favorite food being corn soup and frybread. Yum, am I right? This man likes to jam out to the 69 Eyes, seeing his long black hair, you already know he has been headbanging to their beats. Joe takes an interest in two people that he thinks are extraordinary actors. THIS IS SPARTA! A special quote from an actor whom I personally like myself, great find by the way Joe. Gerard Butler, known for many of his great performances on screen as an actor was Joe’s top pick as one of his favorite people on the planet we live on known as mother earth. His second favorite, Rose Bryne: an attractive actress that plays roles more geared towards comedy and horror. You may have seen her on the a couple of the “Insidious” movies. Speaking of scary movies, he also takes a huge liking in the original “It”. Personally I hate both only because I am a big baby chicken. So aside from what he’s into and all that jazz, let’s get into his dream. After high school Joe wants to attend Western Iowa Tech and get his associates in digital media and graphic design. That’s a pretty solid plan Joe. We wish you the best of luck.

Anyway that has been this weeks senior highlights with Deshawn Kitcheyan. I hope to see you all in my next article, keep an eye out and make sure to just read a sentence, even if it kills ya. You never know, it might just make your day.