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Sending off the Senior Academy Class


About six long years ago, Winnebago Public School implemented a new program named, “The Academy”. The plan was to take academically gifted students and give them the opportunity to get an advanced education, while studying at the same school.
More specifically, kids would start working on high school credit courses from 7th grade until 10th grade and would then turn into dual enrollment students as Juniors and Seniors because of an agreement with Little Priest Tribal College. While they’re dual enrollment students, they have the option of taking summer courses and getting an Associates Degree.
But it gets better. After a couple years of the Academy, they made a partnership with the Nebraska College Preparatory Academy (NCPA), which now gave the students a full ride scholarship to UNL as long as they stayed in the Academy and maintained a 3.25 GPA. Many students persevered, while others were dismissed. Marcus Walker, one of the students from the first cohort, said, “The hardest thing for me was probably staying on task and getting my work done, but the teachers and my peers in the Academy really helped me make it through all these years.”
Either way, it has brought us here. The final weeks of the first cohort’s high school career. They will be graduating May 3rd. Many are anxious, or maybe even scared, but they are all excited as well.
Jamisen WolfLeader, another senior, said, “It’s exciting, but scary at the same time. We’re finally going to be off on our own and I just hope everything goes well.”
The Academy, more specifically Mrs. Pixler, has been with these kids since they were in 7th grade and has helped them grow into the young adults they are now. When asked if they thought the Academy helped prepare them for college, Jamisen WolfLeader said, “Absolutely. Nothing can prepare you for college mentally, but I would say the Academy helped a lot in making me become more confident and helped me to become a better prepared student for UNL.”
Since they are leaving, they want to make sure they have set a good example for the other kids in the Academy. Sam Farmer wanted to tell the other students who are striving for academic excellence to, “take your math classes seriously. Well, take all of your classes serious, but pay attention to math the most. You’re going to need all the knowledge possible and math has to do with everything. If you can get math, you can get anything else in school.”
Thank you to everyone who has supported the Academy throughout the years. Let’s wish seniors good luck as they set off on their new adventure.