Semester In Review


    Where did the time go? It’s hard to believe we’re nearing the end of the term. With all of the uncertainty in the world right now, being able to come to work every day has truly been a blessing. It’s not what we’re used to, but we are all doing our best to make it work. I used to post monthly updates, but adjusting to remote teaching has been more time consuming than I anticipated. I am finally adjusting to the new norma and want to return to some of my pre-COVID routines. So here we go!

    English II (sophomore) has covered a number of topics. In September when we returned we embarked upon a 6 week unit on sentence and paragraph development. We examined simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentence structures. Then we dove into paragraph development and practiced writing in nine different modalities (narrative, descriptive, illustrative, definition, process, cause-effect, comparison, classification, and argument). After that, we studied the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. And for good measure, we rounded out the semester with a short unit on fragments. I wanted to cover run-ons, but “ran out” of time. I guess we all have something to look forward to next term. Right now we are in the process of reviewing for our semester exam. Next term, we will do a unit on short fiction that focuses on Native American myths, legends, and short stories. We will do units on non-fiction, poetry, research paper writing, and public speaking as well.

    Credit Recovery English is a new course this year geared at helping students who might be behind on English credits. We have covered many of the same concepts as English II, but we read the novel Girl, Stolen instead of To Kill a Mockingbird. Because we covered the novel more quickly, we did run out of time for run-ons. We will also do units on Native American short fiction, non-fiction, essay writing as well as public speaking.

    Journalism is a bit different this year as I only have one student, but we’re having fun. I won’t name-check him here, but you can find articles he’s written here on our website. In addition to researching and writing articles, we’ve studied journalism techniques and ethics as well as how to put together different types of stories. We are currently working on a unit on feature writing. Next semester we will cover editorial, sports, and entertainment writing. We will also continue to post articles about what’s going on in the school, community, and world on our website.

    Composition I is still a dual credit class. Students who take it get credit for both WPS and LPTC. We finished our semester earlier than the rest of the high school to conform to LPTC’s schedule. In Comp I, we did an in-depth study of the essay writing process. We wrote descriptively, narratively, comparatively, and argumentatively. Our final essay was a short research paper. We have just begun the new LPTC semester with Public Speaking. They are currently preparing self-introduction speeches.

    Whew! It’s nice to look back and see how much we’ve accomplished. I hope you’re adjusting to your new normals too. Never hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. My email is Have a great semester!