Royalty Among Us by Justin Kitcheyan


    We have royalty among us and it has nothing to do with homecoming. On Saturday, September 21, the tribe hosted the Annual Harvest Pow Wow at the Blackhawk Community Center. Winnebago sophomore, Janiyah Earth, received high honors at the celebration. She was awarded Powwow Princess. She was awarded the crown for dancing and she was overjoyed she cried tears of happiness. The people of the tribe who attend the harvest Powwow had to vote for the best dancer. She then explained that this is a pretty high responsibility such as having a good behavior and not doing any sort of drugs or drinking and that she will be traveling to different powwows to introduce herself and encourage other kids to make healthier decisions and to eat more vegetables. She has this title of princess until the year of 2020 in the summer. Until then, she hold the title and all the responsibilities that come with it. She’ll have to show good behavior and actions to represent her family her tribe and her community. Were really proud of Janiyah Earth.  Represent your title proudly.