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Roller Coasters


For the past week, Mrs. Loutsch’s first period physics class has been working on their roller coasters. They were split up into three groups of four, given some duct tape, foam tubes and plastic cups and were told to make the best looking roller coaster, that worked. The week before, they were tasked with researching all about roller coasters and putting all of that research into a website. The website also looks into the background of each student and their reflection on the project. Click here to view the website. For their research, they looked at the different types of roller coasters, how they worked and the different turns and loops on them, mostly to get ideas for a design, but also to learn the basic fundamentals, scientifically, of how roller coasters work.
Once the teams were split up, they had to come up with a team name and sketch out the roller coaster they wanted to build. The teams were “E.M.J.P.”, “the Loopty Loops”, and “🅱ig 🅱oi Memes”. Immediately, teams started to draw up all kinds of circles, loops and turns, which they would soon find out, didn’t make sense, realistically. Although, once the building had started, the teams, for the most part, scrapped their designs and started fresh.
Finally, after about a week of vigorous testing, the roller coasters were complete and ready to be shown off. On the morning of November 15th, elementary and high schools students combined gathered into Mrs. Loutsch’s class to watch the roller coasters in action. The younger kids watched in awe and asked the makers of the roller coasters many questions, which they answered as best they could.
The first team, “E.M.J.P.”, consisted of Ed Payer, Marcus Harlan, Jaidan Payer, and Phoebe Blackbird. “The Loopty Loops” were Alayah Frazier, Lourde Kearnes, Ricky Suarez, and Savannah Fierro. “🅱ig 🅱oi Memes” was Gavin Farmer, Robbie Lovejoy, Kecia Thomas, and Tia YellowThunder.