Op-Ed: Do You Need to Wear a Mask if You’re Fully Vaccinated? by Morgan Earth


    During the pandemic, for everyone’s safety people were required to wear a mask if they wanted to enter any business. Things haven’t gone back to normal,  but things have gotten better. There’s now a vaccine people can get that comes in two doses. The Moderna with both doses is 94.1% effective at keeping you safe from COVID-19. The Pfizer vaccine with both doses is 95% effective at keeping you safe from COVID-19. With both keeping you almost completely safe, it raises a common question for a lot of people: Do you not need to wear a mask after being vaccinated? Some people will say no because it’s not 100% safe. Others will say yes because it’s such a small chance that you’ll actually get the virus. 

    In schools, it’s mandatory to wear a mask. But what if you didn’t have to wear a mask? You could have that freedom with your face again. But your only downside is getting two shots. I’m not giving anyone false hope because the school board has to make that decision if they will still be mandatory. Though the more students that are vaccinated the more likely they are to make masks not as important but washing your hands the more important thing. Getting your vaccination can help you defend yourself against the virus, it’s very important to what’s happening

    Not having to wear a mask seems like a luxury in these trying times but in reality, it’s only two shots away. Not everyone who’s vaccinated needs to wear a mask because they’re almost immune to the virus. It seems proper to wear the mask without actually needing it and it is mandatory but soon the vaccine will be mandatory. I stay you might as well get vaccinated earlier before you have to get it anyways. There are some side effects to the vaccines but the side effects are nothing compared to COVID-19. Get the vaccine before you end up getting the virus I say.