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One Act Cast Announced


The Winnebago High School Drama Department has announced the cast list for the One Act Play Middle School Dating Game which is set to be performed in November.  The following student-actors are going to be working very hard over the next month to put on a great performance for the Winnebago school and community:

Middle School Dating Game Cast List


Janie: Alayah Frazier                         (Keisha Snyder Understudy)

Liz: Tyler LaMere                               (Jarrett Tyndall Understudy)

Brad: Toby Bassette                           ( Victoria Thomas Horton Understudy)

Cue Card Girl: Alex Neff                    (Angelina Rodriguez Understudy)

Sally: Gitana McClelland                      (Danya Wolfe Understudy)

Fred: Jakobe Mahon                           (Antonio Robles Understudy)

Connie: Angel Frenchman                     (Tasia Walker Understudy)

Frank: Orion Cox                                (Roger Whitebear Understudy)

Judy: Victoria Thomas Horton             (Evea LaPointeUnderstudy??)

Nana White Johnny Zamudio               (Michael Thomas Horton Understudy)

Anna: Danya Wolfe                             (Timory James Understudy)

Audience Ensemble 

Keisha Snyder

Roger Whitebear

Evea LaPointe

Angelina Rodriguez

Antonio Robles

Tasia Walker

Kye Thomas

Michael Thomas Horton

Timory James

Jarrett Tyndall