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New Additions To WPS!


Have you noticed some of the construction sights while driving by the Winnebago Public School? If you are wondering what we are building two new additions.  First, we are building a bus garage on the North side of the school and the completion date has moved to August 2019. The reason for this expansion is because we need a bigger bus garage and we are going to add a classroom as well for auto mechanics, so kids can learn and about cars and work on them.

On the South side we are adding onto the school for 5 Academy classrooms. Another great reason we are building it is because the student count in the school went up from 556 students last year to 623 students this year.

The general contractor is HCI, but they have different subcontractors helping with the dirt and cement. The school is investing 5 million for the projects. The academy, the bus drivers, and the rest of us are looking forward to the new additions that are being added to the school.