Neola Walker Renovations


    Starting Tuesday, September 25th the Neola Walker Building Offices and Departments will begin moving to their temporary location. It is anticipated to take 7-10 business days to get all the departments moved into the Woodland Trails Building in the Ho-Chunk Plaza. They are moving due to the renovations that will be taking course over the next year. The departments that will be moving to the Woodland Trails Buildings are:

    • Winnebago Indian News
    • Winnebago Tribal Housing
    • Winnebago Physical Resources
    • Winnebago Construction Management
    • Winnebago Gaming Commission Office

    These departments will stay at the Woodland Trails Building until renovations taking place at Neola Walker Building are finished in about a year. However, the Winnebago Tax Commission will be moved to the Higher Education Modular up on the hill behind the youth shelter. This will be the permanent location of the tax commission.

    During this move, the offices and departments will be limited on email and phone access. If you need to get a hold of any of the departments, or in case of emergencies, contact the executive assistant, Lilly Snow. Her email is Otherwise, call 402-878-3106. Once IT and all of the phones systems are set up at Woodland Trails, the departments should notify you that the move is complete. All phone numbers and emails will stay the same.