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My First Time (In a Play)


Play production is a frustrating yet fun project to be involved in. My involvement was supposed to be an easy ride as I originally joined as the light guy. My job was just to flash the actors at the right time. But then, a bunch of actors and actresses got cold feet, they left and had to be replaced. One of the actors was playing the part of the third young man, a man buggin’ out in the far future.  Guess where I come in?
To start this off, I’m terribly shy, and speaking loudly is not my forte, but it didn’t stop me from joining. The main reason for joining this was for my mom so she could be proud of me for doing something on stage. I was already pretty nervous, but to be on stage was another level.
When I first started, I was pretty late to the party. I still had the script in my hand while others already memorized it. They all had emotions in their voices while I was still flat. And for some reason, when everyone got real quiet waiting for me to get done with my lines, it made me feel embarrassed. I felt pretty disappointed in myself, to the point where I almost quit. Thankfully, I didn’t go through with it.
After weeks of practice, the first performance was already here. I was pacing nervously as I desperately tried to remember my lines. When it got to my part, I was a mess. I slipped up and froze on a word. Sure, it was a small mistake, but to me it felt like a tax audit. From then on, I tried harder to keep the words memorized.
Performances after that were off and on in difficulty. For the home performances it was easy, for out of town though, it was hard. In the home performances, I couldn’t see the audience due to the lights, so it was easier for me. However, in other towns, they had judges and you could see them cause they had their own lights on.
From dealing with my own weaknesses, to the anxiety of waiting for my part, It was a tough thing to do for an introvert. Nonetheless, my mom is happy, and I’m happy for myself. Sure I was still a bit quiet, and I didn’t give enough passion in shaking the third young woman around, but I’m just glad I got on the stage at all. It was frustrating and difficult, yet it was still fun.