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My First Speech Team Experience and Why You Should Join!


Have you ever wanted to be in a play, talent show, or musical? Have you ever been too scared to sign up or been too nervous to perform or speak in front of people? Well, you’re in luck, because the speech team is the place for you. What is Speech Team? Let me tell you! Speech team can help with many things and it will also help with the fear of speaking or performing in front of people.

Still feel scared or hesitant about joining the speech team? I was too. I never officially joined until I knew what I was getting into. I went to a Speech practice and I was still a bit hesitant about what I was going to do. I learned that everyone is really welcoming and we have fun times hearing everything that everyone is working on. There will be times where speech will be boring and there will be times where it will be four people in the room. It’s always different every practice. 

When you practice the type of speech you’re working on you’ll have the opportunity to practice in front of Mrs. Brasch or Mrs. Loutsch. The time when you perform in front of your peers will be a bit scary but it’s better to perform in front of them before going to speech meets. The more practice the better. Don’t take comments to the heart, it’s only to make you perform better, and trust me you’ll do great. The speech team will help you boost your confidence. 

Now, I hope you will consider joining the speech team. It does many things to help with public speaking. Feel free to contact Mrs. Brasch or Mrs. Loutsch for more information about the speech team. All high school students are invited to join the speech team. We hope to see you there!