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Music News from Ms. Spirk

The first and second grades have been having fun with telling a sound story. The students got to play a variety of very unique percussion sounds.  Miss Farmer’s class took a little trip down to the kindergartners and told the story of the Tall,Tall Grass.  Then they taught the kindergartners how to play the instrument they had. It was a big success!
Older Elementary grades have been enjoying a Native American stick passing song.  We composed our own form for the song and really developed teamwork.
High School Choir is preparing for our fall conference clinic in Homer.  It will be November 5th, all day with a concert at 5:30pm  for the public. Since it is so close this year, I hope many community members and family can attend.  There is a trophy awarded to the school with the most audience attendance.  We will perform one song by ourselves and several group numbers with the 250 voice choir. The cost is same as any conference event, $5 and $4 student. We have 3 students auditioning for Honor Choir this year. Good luck to Tyler LaMere, Toby Bassette and Jean Parker-Morris.