Mr Mette’s December Art News


    It is hard to believe that the fall semester is just about over. There are only a few more shopping days until Christmas. Semester exams are scheduled and students are working on finishing up some “past due” sketchbook assignments and current studio work before the break.

    The Art I classes have finished their still life drawings and are currently working with the art element of space. The first project is to create 2D space. This space exists across the surface rather than the illusion into it. The students are creating a Native American design within a circular format. The final exam is scheduled for the second week this month. This exam is all inclusive of material covered this semester. Please see that your young artist gets a good night sleep before the test. Students may earn an extra 7 points on their exam by having a parent or guardian sign their completed review sheets.

    The Art II-III classes are continuing with Ledger Art. They are creating some very interesting images using a wide range of art media. Each student is to have 4 completed images by the Christmas break.

    The Ceramics I class is finishing up on their hand building projects. They are also learning the basic wheel throwing techniques. They have a final exam  scheduled for the second week of this month also. It will cover all the clay terms, the specialized tools and the techniques introduced this semester.

    It has been a creative and very busy semester.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


    Mr. Mette, art instructor