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Mr. Mette’s Art News for November



Lots going on in the art room as we move closer and closer to the holiday season.

Shopping days until Christmas are getting less and less.

The two Art I classes have finished up their figure contours and have written personal reflections and a critique of a classmate’s art work. They have also finished a still life drawing where they learned about creating the 3rd dimension by using value to create form. The figure images and the still life drawings are some of the most creative and well done that I have seen in a number of years. The Art I artists are just rocking their projects! Right now they are studying the art element space. They have seen that artists can create space in 3 different ways on a flat surface. They are currently painting a 2D design in a circular format. Soon they will be introduced to linear perspective.

The Art II class is currently creating images that are based on their understanding of Ledger Art. This style of art is also called Warrior Art as the artists who originally produced this art were warriors. The images record battles, ceremonies, and life events. Many contemporary Native artists work in this style as a way to honor the past, present and future. Next up for this group will be a unit in relief printmaking using linoleum relief prints.

The Ceramics I-II group is finishing up their hand building projects. They have finished slab constructions and are now working with “combo” pots… combining at least two different processes. The beginners are also learning the basic steps to be successful throwing on the wheel. Getting messy is part of this learning process.

The Drawing I class is currently learning how artists use a grid to create images. Grids have been used throughout history as a way to accurately depict objects. These young artists are working on a “selfie” which has been enlarged using this process. They are using descriptive lines to accurately draw their face. They will add values to their drawings to create the shadows, hair and planes of their face. They will also create an image in which the grid is distorted to create an abstraction.

Semester tests will be given to Art I and Ceramics I students next month. More information about these will be in my next update.



Mr. Mette, art instructor