Mr. Mette’s Art News for November


    The holidays are fast approaching and we all know what that means… yup, semester tests are looming on the horizon.
    The Art I classes have concluded their study of line and shape (which they will always use throughout the year) and the figure contour drawing turned out really nice! The images are very creative and colorful. The two groups have moved on to the art element of form. The form is any 3D figure or the illusion of the third dimension on a flat surface. They are currently working on a still life drawing. They are using value to create visual mass which makes a shape into a form.
    The Art II classes have concluded the unit on visual balance and unity and are currently looking at Ledger art. Ledger art is also called Warrior art as the images have been created by native warriors and the art is created on old ledger book, papers, newspaper, sheets of music, etc. The students are researching the topic on the internet and are collecting imagery they wish to incorporate into their art. Each student will be required to complete four images based on this artistic style.
    The Ceramics I class is continuing with their hand building projects. They have finished with slab constructions and are currently working with “combo” pots. These forms are created using multiple hand building techniques. The class has
    also started to work on the electric potter’s wheel. They are learning the proper way to sit and arm/hand placement. They are practicing centering, opening and throwing cylinders. So far they have gotten plenty dirty and had some good laughs
    as elbows flop around as they try hard to master these techniques.
    The students in Art III are working on their own creative needs through the use of various media and surfaces. Mr. Brian Cowles from the Creative Center in Omaha came this month to the
    Entrepreneur class and gave a presentation of this graphics arts college. He showed a power point about the curriculum, what is expected of students, job possibilities, and how we all live with graphic art all the time. He took questions and gave out
    cards for any interested students.
    Busy, busy, busy here in the art room. Stop by and see what the young artists have been creating.
    Mr. Mette, art instructor