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Mr. Mette’s Art News for December



Semester tests are scheduled for Wednesday, 12 December, in the Art I classes and Ceramics I. Test reviews will be held on Monday and Tuesday, 10-11 Dec. The Art I classes have reviews sheets to fill in and the Ceramics I class will review all terms, tools and techniques. Please make sure your young artist gets a good night’s sleep before the tests. Good luck to all!

As the semester winds down the art activities do not. There is quite a bit going on in the studio. The Art I classes are studying linear perspective and are drawing in the hallways. They are creating shallow space by directing converging parallels to a common point.

The Art II class is currently learning about printmaking. They are creating relief prints using linoleum. Their designs have been transferred to the blocks and all are using the specialized tools used to cut the blocks. Safety is important as they use the linoleum cutters.

The Drawing I class has finished their “selfies” using the grid technique. They are currently creating a distorted image of a celebrity using a distorted grid. These abstract images have a lot of humor in them with enlarged eyes, long noses and extra wide faces.

The Ceramics I-II group is perfecting their wheel throwing skills. Remembering the basic steps, arm and hand placement and proper body position helps them master this skill.


The Art II-III class has artwork on display at the Angel DeCora Museum on the LPTC campus. They are showing images created using the ledger art style. Ledger Art is also called Warrior Art and is characterized by the use of any type of paper (phone book, road map, bookkeeping sheets, music sheets, etc.) and simplified decorative figures and animals. The display will be up for the month of December during the Museum’s regular hours. Students in the class are Victoria Thomas-Horton, Miyayiah Loera, Kassie Harden, Arik Bassette, Cota Springer, Nannette Cline, and Antonio Robles.


Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!


Mr. Mette, art instructor