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Mr. Mette’s Art News


October already? Do you realize that the holidays are fast approaching? Anyone started shopping? Seems like the year is moving quickly.

The two Art I classes have been learning about lines and shapes. They have worked with descriptive and expressive lines and have seen how shapes are created using the line types. They have recently completed a monochromatic painting of a favorite shape. They have just completed a positive/negative cut paper design and are currently using lines and shape to create a non-representational charcoal drawing. These will be very interesting as they incorporate all they have been exposed to so far in class.

The two Art II classes have finished an abstract image of a musical instrument of their choice. They used a viewfinder to isolate an interesting area of a variety of instruments borrowed from the band room (thank you Mr. Garthoff). The students had a choice of art media and they used expressive color to create some very colorful images. They are current working with the design principles of balance, unity and variety on a series of projects that will enhance their understanding of these important concepts. They have created a symmetrical (mirror image) design and are now at work on an image that uses Native American imagery in either formal, radial or informal balance. They will have their choice of art media.

The Ceramics I class has finished up their coil forms and is currently working with slabs. They are creating a box-like form, with or without a lid. Slabs are one of the basic hand building techniques, like coils and pinch forms. They are just about ready to learn about glaze application and seem anxious to apply the colors and have them fired.

The students in Art III are continuing to work on their own projects at their own pace as long as they hit completion targets.

All in all it is busy in the art room. The students are engaged in a wide variety of art concepts and media. Stop in and see what these young artists are creating.


Mr. Mette, art instructor