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Mr. Mette’s Art News


Welcome Back! Where did the summer go? It seems like the years have just flown by. This school year will be my 34th year at Winnebago. Time sure does fly when you are having fun.

All of the pretests have been given, lockers assigned, art supplies handed out and sketchbooks bought. The art classes are really full this year. There are over 60 art students in Art I, Art II-III and Ceramics I. It should be a productive year.

The two Art I classes have been studying the four roles of the artist, the roles of the observer, what is and isn’t art and why, the types of art and why some art is easy for the viewer and some is very hard. They are now in the studio learning about the art elements. Line is the basic means of communication in art. Lines will lead to shape.

The two Art II-III classes are hard at work with exploring the possibilities of various art media. Art II is currently working on an image of their eye which is divided into four sections that will be completed with media of their choice.

The students in Art III are working on projects of their choosing. They will develop their course of study in 9 week blocks. All students in Art II-III are working on a series of sketchbook assignments called Drawing As Inquiry. These have specific criteria and media requirements and are to be completed on a two week basis.

The Ceramics I class is small but eager. They have made clay and are currently learning the basic hand building techniques and the language of the potter. They are finishing up their pinch pots and will soon start building with coils.

I also have a Home Room group of 13 students.

Stop by and see what our young artists are up to.


Mr. Mette, art instructor