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Mr. Mette’s Art News


The 2019 BIG Show was held recently at Wakefield. This was the 10th anniversary for this exhibition. The Art II class attended the show and the group activity was to create a birthday cake out of cardboard for the anniversary. Their cake was 4 layers high with real candles, sequins and ribbons. The best cake was awarded to Dakota Valley High School. The show was attended by 15 schools from the tri-state area and the judges had about 500 pieces of art to judge from grades 7-12.

Winnebago art student awards are; Judge’s Merit: Marissa Picotte, Jeriah GreyOwl, Ronald Painter, Daelyn Zagurski, Cristoff WhiteEagle, Cherish Flyinghawk, Nannette Cline, Savannah Fierro, Jorge Rosale-Blackfish, Alexandria Neff, Hayley Smith, Cota Springer, and Miyayiah Loera.

Superior Ribbons: Marissa Picotte, Eric Caramony, Elizah Masquat, Kellen Crossbear, Cota Springer, Lily Brown, Brandy DeCora, Vangie Bird, Leyten Kearnes, Jean Parker-Morris, Antonio Robles, Kassie Harden, Tajhon Cayou, Nannette Cline, Jayla Price, Arik Bassette, Victoria Thoma-Horton, Cris WhiteEagle, Tasia Walker, Sadina Gilpin, Danya Wolfe, DeShawn Kitcheyan, Janiyah Earth, Teala Walker, Kyliah Parker, and Miyayiah Loera.

Each participant voted for one artist from each school to be awarded the outstanding school artist award. Marissa Picotte was named Winnebago’s Outstanding Artist for the second year in a row! Congratulations to all of these young artists on their creative efforts!

The 25th Annual WPS Art Show will be held on Thursday and Friday, 25-26 April, in the practice gym from 9-4 pm. Each high school art student will be able to submit up to 5 images for judging. Mr. Ben Crawford, curator at the Angel DeCora Museum, has graciously accepted the judging assignment. I hope you all can schedule a trip up to the school to see the show.


Mr. Mette, art instructor