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Lady Indians Volleyball Off to a Good Start by Savannah Fierro


The  Lady Indian volleyball team is off to a good start. To date, their record is 3-3  . Coach Jade Farmer is in her second year of coaching and had a lot of great things to say about the team. The first game against Emerson-Hubbard went well. As a coach, I noted things that we needed to work on as a team but overall we played great. I feel like we have the right strengths on the team to have a great season.” She has set some very high expectations for the team.

“In the coming games, I expect my girls to work on coming together as a team more and supporting each other on the court during those crucial moments. I want them to have fun on the court because that is when they play the best.” While the team is building on a number of strengths, they have some areas to improve upon. “We need to improve on not getting down on ourselves during the game and letting one bad play affect the rest of our game. As a team, we have improved on our passes more but still, need to focus on our hitting and being consistent when serving.” As those are the things that need to be improved on we have some strengths we already have and there are some things we aren’t good at.Our strengths and weaknesses differ from game to game. I have a few girls that are great at serving and some that are great hitters and passers and even girls who can hustle but so far in the season, we haven’t had a game where everyone is having a good game. When that time comes we will be unstoppable. Our biggest weakness that is keeping us from being the team we can be is not letting one point determine how the rest of the game will go. We get down on ourselves and our teammates and it shows on the court. When most of the girls are feeling that way it’s really hard for me to get them to turn the game around. “ Coach farmer has expressed she “has lots of confidence and feels like she has girls on the team who are very talented and are great athletes. I know if we can fix a few things in practice we can be a great team this season.” the coach of the lady Indians said the goal is to have a winning season this year, these are her words. “I want to have a winning season this year and do well in the conference tournament, but I also want all the girls to make lasting memories. I want them to think of their volleyball team and season as some of the best times they’ve had during high school, whether we win all our game or none.” All though Ms. Farmer said everyone is improving she thinks since last year Auriah Means-Ghostdog a middle blocker and hitter has improved tremendously since her freshman year, she is a player who stepped up the most. “From last year I feel like most of my girls have improved in some area of their game. I am really impressed by how much Auriah has improved since last year. She plays at the net very well and has come a long way from her freshman year. She still has a lot to learn but she has stepped into the starting varsity position and become someone we needed on the court.” The Lady Indians are back in action in a home tournament on September 21.